Brenthel Vs Brenthel At Bud Light SCORE Baja 500

May 26, 2015


Anaheim, CA

Typically the Brenthel Brothers Jonathan and Jordan, race in different classes or different series’. Jonathan took their 7200 class truck to the SCORE 7200 class championship in 2013. Jordan took over in 2014, winning a Best In The Desert series, (BITD) 7200 class title of his own. This season, Jordan is racing the 6100 class in SCORE and Jonathan is racing 6100 in BITD. At the upcoming 47th annual Bud Light SCORE Baja 500, the two will be going head to head for the very first time. Jordan will be racing the Falken Tire truck and Jonathan will be racing the Brenthel Industries 6100 truck at the Baja 500.

Most of us with brothers are thinking that sparks will fly when the green flag drops. Sure, there is a rivalry there but the truth is, these two are a team. They support each other 100% in their business and on the race course. That doesn’t mean that either one will be letting the other get past without a fight. “If Jordan wins I would be very happy,” says Jonathan Brenthel, “He is in the hunt for a championship. I’ve had great success at the 500. At my first Baja 500 I finished second; then we won. Jordan was my co-driver both times. He knows the pace that it takes to win and has the speed to pull it off.”


The Brother verses Brother opportunity is made possible by the generosity of Brenthel customer Richard Armstrong; he had just purchased a 6100 truck. Jonathan called Richard to ask if they could borrow his truck for the Baja 500 before he took delivery. Richard was more than happy to make it possible stating “Hell yes, go drive the bleep out of it!” Anyone in business knows that having great relations with the people you deal with is a huge reward for all the hard work and long hours. Brenthel has a long list of great customers because it’s a two way street. They go above and beyond to take care of their customers. Just last week they were out every day doing customer service. They were testing and tuning in Barstow, Jordan was in a customer’s garage helping him with a Baja Kit installation and when the Lucas Oil Regional race was rained out, they trailered a truck to Utah to help a young racer make his transition into the Pro Lite class easier.


Preparation for the Baja 500 has already started as the team has been prerunning over this past Memorial Weekend. Race and pit strategy can only be planned after checking out the condition of the course.


With two trucks competing, it will be more of a challenge. If they both run close together things will be easier. If either Jonathan or Jordan has any down time, the crew might be stretched. If things go as planned, the two brothers hope to share the podium. The underlying goal of Brenthel is to keep setting goals. Keep pushing the boundaries and keep setting the bar for others to follow.

At Brenthel Industries, customer service is a major priority. Everything they build is created using state of the art CAD programs and then proven on the race course; Brenthel Industries leads the way by design. Their depth of knowledge and nimble manufacturing process allows them to work outside the box when it creates a better fit for the customer. Any job you have, big or small can benefit from Brenthel’s meticulous engineering and careful craftsmanship.


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Photography By: Bink Designs / Prerun Photo By: Brenthel Industries