Two Trucks On The Podium At Silver State 300

May 7, 2014

Brenthel Industries Puts Two Trucks on Podium at Silver State 300, Falken Tire

Newport Beach, CA

A Pair of podiums for Brenthel Industries at the Best in the Desert Silver State 300 substantiates the performance of their SCORE Championship winning class 7200 truck and marks another milestone in the refinement of their innovative Spec TT/6100 truck design. Jordan Brenthel had a trouble-free day on his way to a second place finish with no flats to his Falken Wildpeak Tires. The podium finish gives Jordan the 7200 points lead and puts him in the hunt for rookie of the year.

Jordan Brenthel, Brenthel Industries, 2nd Place Silver State 300, Rigid Industries, Falken Tires, Bink Designs

The third place podium for brother Jonathan in the Spec TT/6100 is the first for the new truck during it’s intense race development program initiated only a few months ago.

“Our new Spec TT truck has already logged 2200 miles testing and racing since the beginning of the year,” says Jonathan Brenthel, “We do the design work on the computer, build a prototype, test and tune it then go out and further refine it where it counts, on the race course. Our goal is to provide the customer with the most competitive vehicle possible, right out of the box. We don’t use our customers as crash test dummies, that’s my job. If you put a world class driver behind the wheel, they can drive anything fast. Their skills can overcome any shortcomings in the truck. We feel if we can drive them fast, anyone can, that’s why we race.”

Brenthel Industries, Spec TT, Class 6100, Trophy Truck Chassis, Bink Designs, Falken Tire

Brenthel Industries is known for their state of the art computer aided design and the finite element analysis they perform during the design process but their attention to detail does not end there. Every new design is extensively tested in real world conditions to further refine every chassis, suspension and critical system contained on the vehicle.

CAD Drawing, Trophy Truck Chassis, CAD Chassis, Brenthel Industries

Part of the development process is not only finding the ragged edge but what happens when you go over it. Jonathan rolled the truck violently at the Parker 425 and then did a front flip landing back on the wheels at the Imperial Valley 250. Both episodes resulted in superficial damage to the fiberglass body, a broken light bar mount and minor damage to a couple of suspension components. The frame has held up 100% and no coolers, or expensive engine or drivetrain components have been damaged.

Brenthel Rollover, Off Road Crash

“At the Imperial 250 we bent an upper link; something that is easily replaced; not even the mounting tabs were damaged,” says Jonathan, “With that said, it was nice to put in a clean run at the Silver State race and end up on the podium. We have been working on squeezing every last bit of performance out of the truck. We have tons of test data and have had lots of feedback from other drivers who have been behind the wheel. The consensus has been that the truck feels lighter, has better traction off the line, stops quicker, turns faster and jumps nicer than anything out there. We currently have 4 trucks under construction.”

The spec TT class is starting to explode in popularity. The trucks are built similar to a Trophy Truck so the components are built to withstand 850 horsepower. With a spec motor, the horsepower is much less so the wear and tear is considerably less. It is not a budget class but at the same time you don’t need a staggering budget in order to be competitive. Brenthel Industries worked to develop their 7200 truck last year earning a SCORE series championship, (it took second place at the Silver State 300). They are bringing the same methodical and thorough development to their spec TT/6100 design.

Photography By: Bink Designs