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Bi Trophy Truck

These state of the art Trophy Trucks were built with ease of everything in mind.  Our complete CAD Engineered design offers interchangeable parts from arms, tabs, to chassis tubes that we carry in stock without you having to bring in the truck.  The 2 most vital characteristics of the truck are #1 This trophy truck was designed to be driver friendly and have predicable driving dynamics as a first concern. #2 Is the well thought out design with reliable parts, extreme ease of prep and simplicity of changing parts. ie: quick disconnect plumbing fittings and an easily removable transmission are just a few.


Chassis & SuspensionTrophy Truck Chassis 100% CAD engineered with laser cut tubes and sheetmetal. SCORE legal
EngineDanzio - P600 1,100 HP
TransmissionCulhane Turbo 400
Wheel Travel26" Front, 32" Rear
Weight5,350 lbs Race Ready
Fuel Capacity105 Gallons
- King 4.5" Bypass
- King 3.0" Coilover
- King 4.5" Bypass
- King 3.0" Coilover
Rear End4" Housing, 10" Ring Gear, 3.25" Hubs
Tires40" BFGoodrich
SteeringProprietary Brenthel Swingset
BrakesJamar 6 Piston
HubsBrenthel Industries
Additional12” HDS GPS
All Life Racing ELECTRONICA and PDM’s