Plan “A” Put’s Mills Brenthel 6100 / Spec TT on V2R Podium

August 21, 2013

Taylor Mills Podiums at Vegas To Reno

Las Vegas, NV

It’s not too often that you finish an entire race without having a change of plans; particularly one as grueling as the 543 mile long, Best in the Desert General Tire Vegas to Reno race. Taylor Mills driving his Brenthel Industries, General Tire Mills Motorsports, 6100 / Spec TT race truck stuck to his plan of running a steady pace to land on the podium in third place after nearly twelve hours of racing.

Mills Motorsports Vegas To Reno

“The plan was to be steady and make it to the end,” said Taylor, “Finish the race first; where we end up, we end up. We are very happy to end up on the podium.” Taylor drove the entire race solo, eating power bars and taking protein shots along the way. “It wasn’t without any issues. I was fumbling with my helmet skirt trying to eat something when that split second of inattention bit us. I drifted over and clipped a rock ripping out the sidewall. We had been hit in the back by a Trick Truck that caused some damage to the jack mount. It took us about 30 minutes to free the jack, change the tire and then get the jack stowed again.”

Taylor’s crew put in a lot of hard work getting the truck ready for the Baja 500 earlier this year but they did not finish. The FOX shocks were dialed in and they had preran the entire course but when they had a minor issue in the beginning they got behind and then crashed. “I learned at the 500 there is much more to racing than bare knuckled adrenaline running. I was charging through the dust like a wildman when I hit a huge rock and tore the suspension up. At V2R I felt like I owed it to the crew to get a good finish and to show everyone how good this Brenthel Industries 6100 / Spec TT truck really is.”

Taylor drove the entire way to Reno solo but credits his sponsors Brenthel Industries, General Tire, Mills Motorsports, Fox Racing Shox, Baja Designs, Arrow Racing Engines, K&N, his crew and his navigators Kent Kroeker and Josh Huff. Taylor’s win adds to an impressive streak of podium finishes for Brenthel Industries. Their computer designed, precision built race vehicles continue to excel at the most challenging courses in off road racing. If your goal is to finish out front, let Brenthel Industries get you there.

Taylor Mills at Finish Line

Photography By: Bink Designs