Engineering Excellence: Project JKBK

May 17, 2012

Jamie Galles, Brenthel Industries Class 7200

Newport Beach, CA

If you want a couple tubes bent or some metal stuck together you can probably find someone in your own neighborhood to do it. If you need someone who understands vehicle dynamics and has above average fabrication skills the list gets a lot shorter. If you require someone who can design, engineer and fabricate complex suspension systems and complete vehicles from a blank sheet of paper; you are now in very exclusive territory. When your personal safety is at stake, your company’s reputation is on the line or you just want to receive the full value for your money, you need to go to an experienced capable company like Brenthel Industries. Brenthel has the engineering expertise and the real world experience to properly apply the sound engineering and design principles needed to bring your project to fruition on time and on budget.

Every project at Brenthel begins with an accurate computer generated solid model. Designs are checked for fit and function then subjected to finite element analysis before a single piece of material is cut. Any issues are dealt with long before the fabrication begins. The resulting parts, assemblies and drawings make it easy to reproduce an entire project in a production setting or to develop new products to work with your existing parts.

That’s why TrailMods approached Brenthel to prototype their unique IFS, JK Prerunner that has trailing arm suspension in the rear and long travel, unequal length a-arms in the front and retains four wheel drive. They wanted something different and knew Brenthel could do the engineering, design and fabrication all in-house. “We looked into several suppliers that work with the big three building prototype vehicles,” said Dave Crismon, CEO of TrailMods. “When we saw the level of integration Brenthel had between their cad design and fabrication abilities and their off-road racing experience, the choice was easy. Brenthel has already developed the prototype so after some testing we will be ready for limited production. We are excited about this project, it’s going to be a game-changer.”

Not only will the JK Prerunner turn heads but people will be thoroughly impressed when they check out the clean design and beautiful fabrication work. The IFS front suspension on the JK has a newly designed cross member and subframe to strengthen the chassis and mount the front drive assembly, shocks and factory or upgraded steering. King coilovers and bump stops control the fabricated upper and lower arms and upright.

Limit straps keep the suspension from going beyond its 14 inches of wheel travel and the new configuration accommodates up to a 37 inch tire. They even thought enough in the design stage to allow a Hemi engine swap without interfering with any of the new components.

The qualities of Brenthel’s final products are a direct result of the care and attention to detail that they receive every step of the way. Any job you have, big or small can benefit from Brenthel’s meticulous engineering and careful craftsmanship; give them a call today to discuss how they can help you accomplish your next project.