Brenthel Engineering


Highly experienced in every aspect of the engineering process, Brenthel Industries has ability to take your project from the conceptual stage to full production. Every step of the way, Brenthel uses the highest standards and latest technology to provide data, working models, and production ready parts and assemblies, including complete vehicles. The same level of engineering they use to design and construct championship winning off-road vehicles for competition around the world has been applied to industrial design, military applications and other contracted development projects. Non-disclosure agreements prevent us from identifying many of these projects but you may have benefited from our work without even knowing it. In addition to the vast engineering resources Brenthel Industries provides, you can rest assured that your intellectual property will be handled with the strictest discretion and complete confidentiality. If you have a concept that needs to be realized or an existing product that could benefit from further refinement, Brenthel Industries delivers proven results.

Brenthel Prototyping, CAD Design


Brenthel Industries has the know-how and necessary tools to provide turn-key R&D and prototyping services. With a strong emphasis on finite element analysis, destructive testing, proper material selection and design for manufacturability, Brenthel Industries can make your concept into a reality. Capabilities at our disposal include Cad Design, Finite Element Analysis, CNC Milling and Turning, Water Jet Cutting, CNC Press brake, Project Specific Tooling and Fixturing, Mig & Tig Welding, Specialized Coatings, and much more using steel, aluminum, fiberglass and composites. Past projects include highly dynamic Suspension parts and assemblies, bicycle chassis, vehicle chassis, military components, displays, and many others. Chances are, you’ve seen some of our work and didn’t know it. Our prototyping has benefited many entities but due to non-disclosure agreements and the nature of their purpose, they remain unnamed. Our creative and skilled designers and craftsman can bring your most challenging projects to realization.

Brenthel Race Prep

Race Prep

Brenthel Industries’ race vehicle prep leaves nothing to chance. Every system onboard is carefully inspected, refreshed, properly installed, and adjusted to provide optimum performance and reliability. We service our vehicles with only the highest quality parts and components to ensure your vehicle will get to the finish line. Most vehicle preps include – Cleaning and inspection of all systems including the chassis, Magnafluxing of suspension components, sonic cleaning of radiators and coolers, testing of the electrical system, repair or replacement of damaged or worn components and assemblies including the engine, drivetrain, suspension, body panels or chassis. Any chassis or suspension damage is brought back to exact factory specifications with the same tooling and fixturing used to construct the vehicle. A detailed and thorough checklist is used to keep track of every step. Our objective is to consistently supply you with a competitive, well maintained vehicle at reasonable cost.

*Brenthel Industries preps and maintains Brenthel built race vehicles. We rarely take on other manufacturers vehicles unless under special circumstances.

Brenthel Trackside Support

Trackside/Chase Support

Perfected during competition at the track and in the most remote areas of Baja Mexico and South America during the Dakar Rally, Brenthel Industries’ expert race support is available to competitors. Brenthel’s crews of experienced and highly knowledgeable specialists have the skills needed to keep you in the fight. Regardless if you need full support or just added insurance during longer races, Brenthel can adapt an effective support program that satisfies your needs.

Brenthel Arrive & Drive

Full Service Arrive & Drive

If you would like to test the waters before committing to a full blown race program or just looking for the adventure of a lifetime, Brenthel Industries offers Arrive and Drive programs for most major Off Road Races. The Arrive & Drive program is just as its name implies. Simply show up with your race gear and helmet; Brenthel Industries will take care of the rest. Arrive & Drive programs are available for the most epic races including the Dakar Rally, Baja 500, MINT 400, Vegas 2 Reno and the Baja 1000. We also offer short course Arrive & Drive programs in the Lucas Oil Off Road Series competing in the Pro Lite Class. The following vehicles are included in our Arrive & Drive program: – Spec Trophy Truck, – Class 6100 Truck, – Class 1/1500 unlimited opened wheel car, – Pro Lite Short Course Truck. Let Brenthel help you realize your off-road racing goals and/or dreams.