Brenthel Truck Takes Back To Back Podiums

February 12, 2013

Parker, AZ

Robert Ford might not be a brand name in desert racing yet but if he continues his streak of top finishes, he soon will be. He has finished on the podium in both races he has run since taking delivery of his Brenthel Industries built 7200 class truck. Robert’s truck is a conventional front engine, live axle, rear drive truck that is a departure from the several rear engine transaxle 7200 trucks that Brenthel builds and races. “Our truck has been just amazing right out of the box,” said Robert, “We plan on doing some fine tuning with King Shocks to get even more out of it.”

Robert landed on the podium at the HDRA South Point 250 and then backed that up with another third place at the Best in the Desert Blue Water, Parker 425. The Parker race was tough; Robert and co-rider Derek Aubrey had ignition problems from the start. Instead of running up to 100 miles per hour, they were limited to mid 60 mile per hour speeds. “The ignition malfunctioned causing it to over advance the timing,” said Robert, “We knew we were hurting the motor but at the midpoint of the race we were running in fifth and had to decide; do we back off and finish or go for it. Derek and I come to race so we kept going as hard as we could.”

They tipped the truck over in the python, ripped off the skidplate and bent a mounting bracket but had zero flats to their BFGoodrich tires. On the last lap, the ignition began working better and the misfire cleaned up allowing the Masek Racing Engine to run a little smoother. “I am amazed that the engine lasted the whole race with the ignition running so hot,” said Robert, “The rotor and cap were melted and the plugs were toast; Tom Masek builds a stout motor.”

You can never say what might have happened during a race but if you deduct the time they lost getting back underway after they tipped the truck over, 12 minutes, they would have taken second. “We are still learning,” said Robert, “Brenthel built me a great truck, I have the support of my wife and kids and my co-rider Derek Aubrey is a huge asset. We go into every race expecting to run up front. Not because we’re cocky but because we work very hard to put ourselves there.”

Photography By: Brian Binkert
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