Brenthel Industries 2013 Champions

December 27, 2013


Newport Beach, CA
In their first year running an in-house race program, Brenthel Industries team drivers Jonathan Brenthel and Jamie Galles with co-drivers Jordan Brenthel and Lence Jorgensen took the SCORE class 7200 Championship in 2013. They also finished second in the Dakar Challenge. The championship proves their 7200 race vehicle concept is fast but it also demonstrates the excellent planning, pitting and race strategy they have perfected.


“Winning a championship takes as much work in the shop and pits as it does on the course,” says Jonathan Brenthel, “We put together what we felt was the perfect plan for victory and executed it. You need a fast, reliable vehicle but careful preparation and effective logistics are equally important; you can’t leave anything to chance.”


Jamie Galles, no stranger to championship caliber race teams, is rightfully proud of what they accomplished in 2013. “It’s very gratifying to come out with a brand new truck and win a championship,” says Jamie, “The key for us was finishing the races. You don’t do that without a great team; Brenthel Industries is one of the best.”


Aware of Brenthel’s design, fabrication and excellent race support, Peter Hajas, the Dakar Challenge winner, turned to Brenthel for help. In a deal to help Hajas make the Dakar Rally, Brenthel Industries built their Dakar vehicle in just 45 days, outfitted a custom support truck and will provide crew and logistics for Hajas in his huge undertaking. With the Dakar race vehicle safely on the boat to South America, the team is currently practicing rally navigation in the dunes with Dakar Veteran Darren Skilton.


Not content to rest on their laurels, Jonathan and Jamie will be moving from the 7200 class to the 6100 class in 2014 and Jordan Brenthel will be racing in Class 1 Unlimited. Their vehicles may be changing but their strategies and excellent preparation from their highly dedicated, championship winning crew will remain constant. The goal is to build on their own success and help their customers as well by offering factory support for Brenthel Industries independent race teams. “Racing is a lot of fun but it takes hard work and sacrifice,” says Jonathan, “Wins, podiums and championships are the payoff. We will have two chase trucks at Best in the Desert and SCORE events and will be there to assist Brenthel Industries teams in any way we can.” 2013 was a great year for Brenthel Industries. Look for them to continue their varied off-road motorsports success in 2014.

Photography By: Brian Binkert
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