Brenthel Brings Everyone Home At Vegas To Reno

August 25, 2017

Brenthel Brings Everyone Home At Vegas To Reno

Reno, NV

The Best In The Desert series, Vegas to Reno race, (V2R) is the longest offroad race in the United States. The course travels 540 miles through the brutal landscape found in Northern Nevada. It climbs high into the numerous mountains, follows dry river washes and crosses many dry lake beds. Where the dirt is not loaded with rocks, it’s deep silt; the fine particles that are the same consistency as baby powder. Some silt is granular; some silt is made up of fine flakes. The “snowflake” silt is the worst because it sticks to everything. The only respite from the endless silt is when the course turns to solid rock.

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It was under these challenging conditions that 9 out of 9 Brenthel Industries built vehicles all made it to the finish. That’s 9 unique teams with different tire sponsors, different pit strategies, different drivers, different starting positions and different luck. They all shared the same thing in common. They all benefitted from Brenthel’s tireless pursuit of perfection. One of the trucks competing was that of the Brenthel Brothers, Jonathan and Jordan, who are out chewing on the same dirt as their customers nearly every weekend. From Reno, Nevada to Santiago, Chile, Brenthel has been in the middle of the action since their conception to make their vehicles better. They use state of the art computer modeling and finite element analysis, but there is no substitute for driving at competitive speeds through the Atacama Desert in South America or saying a prayer as you peg the rev limiter while clawing through a deep silt bed in remote Baja Mexico. They take on the challenges and push the boundaries so their vehicles hold up when you need to do the same.

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Congratulations to all 9 teams who brought it home at the longest offroad race in the United states; 6162 Armstrong, 6173 Brenthel, 6168 Entwistle, 6120 o Keefe / Diesel Bros, 6164 Pecoy, 6140 Schwab, 128 Schwab, 6133 Smith, and 2498 Curtis. Brenthel Industries built race vehicles are as diverse as their owners.

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Brenthel provides impeccable quality, championship winning performance, and all-inclusive customer service and support. The attention to detail comes straight from the top. Jordan and Jonathan are not your typical owners. They both possess every skillset needed to deliver their products from a pile of raw materials to a functioning vehicle.

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They incorporate their first-hand knowledge in CAD design, welding, fabrication, assembly, plumbing, wiring and more into every design. The race prep, chase support and Arrive and Drive programs have been developed through their extensive racing experience. When it comes to selecting a builder, you can compromise, or you can insist on the best; Brenthel Industries. Go to or to find out more about the many services, highly developed suspension systems and race-proven products available from Brenthel Industries.

Photography By: Bink Designs