Brenthel Industries provides a diverse range of top quality products and services. Owned and operated by Brothers Jordan and Jonathan Brenthel, the company applies the latest engineering and manufacturing technology with old world craftsmanship to achieve outstanding results. After serving apprenticeships with several top notch constructors, undergoing extensive technical training, and first hand involvement in the heat of competition, the Brothers decided it was time to step it up and create their own championship caliber products and services.


Primarily but not exclusively centered around off-road racing, they can take your dreams from concept, through the design process, and into manufacturing. In addition to many industrial design projects, they conceive and construct turn-key race vehicles, provide race support on the track and in the desert, maintain race vehicles with their preparation services, and operate an Arrive and Drive program for those without a team who wish to participate in racing.

Brenthel Industries sets itself apart from most off-road manufacturers by adhering to the principles of design for manufacturability and by maintaining strict standards of process control. That means that the last part out of the fixture is as precise as the first. In order to build something significant, you need to start with a solid foundation. Everything we build here at Brenthel Industries is first modeled in 3D CAD software. While it is in the solid model stage, we verify fitment, check for proper geometry, and perform finite element analysis (FEA) to confirm material selection and define how the parts or assemblies respond to stresses and loading. Individual components are subjected to intense scrutiny as well as the entire assembly. The fixtures needed to accurately position the parts during construction are also created in the solid model. Once everything is fully validated and approved for production, the fixtures will assure the precision contained in the model will be maintained while undergoing the fabrication process.

The attention to detail comes straight from the top. Jordan and Jonathan are not your typical owners. They both possess every skillset needed to deliver their products from a pile of raw materials to a functioning vehicle. They incorporate their first-hand knowledge in CAD design, welding, fabrication, assembly, plumbing, wiring and more into every design. The race prep, chase support and Arrive and Drive programs have been developed through their extensive racing experience. They have spent thousands of miles behind the wheel during testing and in competition. The logistics and vehicle set-up needed to win multiple championships was developed in the trenches.

In addition to their driver training and vehicle tuning sessions held twice a month, they compete in both the SCORE International Series and Best in the Desert series. When they are able to squeeze it into their busy schedule, they have taken on the legendary Dakar Rally. They know exactly what works and what it takes to put their vehicles together and how much abuse they can take. Brenthel is committed to building the highest quality products that will stand up to the abuses of racing, prerunning or avid recreation. Every product is created with performance, safety and durability in mind.

As strict as they are in the engineering process, they have the same ideals when it comes to customer service. The manufacturing side of the business is structured to build and maintain their products to the highest level of quality possible. They do this because of their own high standards but also because it is an integral part of complete customer satisfaction. Much of their business originates from personal referrals. They come highly recommended because they provide a quality product, they adhere to delivery timelines, they speak from personal experience, and they possess infectious enthusiasm; they truly love what they are doing. Every Brenthel Industries vehicle is custom fit to the owner. The slightest adjustments to ergonomics like pedal positions, shifter location, seat height and sight lines become crucial to a driver after long hours and hundreds of miles behind the wheel. The same goes for the vehicle. Precise Shock Tuning, Converter Stall Speed, Brake Pressure, Weight Transfer, and Vehicle Dynamics are all matched to the customer’s driving style and preferences to achieve optimum performance. Brenthel Industries provides impeccable quality, championship winning performance, and all-inclusive customer service and support. When it comes to selecting a builder, you can compromise, or you can insist on the best; Brenthel Industries.